This is an easygoing afternoon trip to the Taunus, some 5km walking on the foot of the mountains, just high enough to catch some good views to Frankfurt, and if the air is clear, to the Odenwald mountains in the south.

We start at Kronberg, where you can visit the castle, pass some natural mineral springs and end up in Bad Soden where you can try some real good and special apple vine.


We recommend a day ticket (up to 5 persons) for € 16,80

the tour:

before you start:  have this map printed or on your mobile

  • S-Bahn S6 from Hauptbahnhof to Kronberg. Runs every half hour, takes 22 minutes
  • Get off and walk the street uphill, turn left on the park (Victoriapark), you can already see the castle
  • It is worth to pay at least the 3 Euros to get into the yard of the castle + up the tower for the view
  • walk down the serpentines through some really nice medieval wooden houses.
  • small pedestrian path to the left, shortly after entering Talstrasse, leading through garden land.
  • you are passing a meadow with different variaties of apples and other trees with signs, here you can check your knowledge of fruit tree varieties!
  • Quellenpark. 100 years ago the water of this springs was quite famous and was exported 2 million bottles a year worldwide from the US to India, now you can try it for free. Naturally carbonated, it tastes salty + very healthy, it will probably make you 100 years old at the first sip.
  • After an Italian Trattoria at the lower end of the park, cross the street, and walk slightly uphill through the fields towards Bad Soden / Neuenhain (signs). We recommend to check out
  • IMMENHOF, an apple-wine maker that produces single-variety apple wine, and sells at his little restaurant (open from 5 p.m. jun-sep, wednesday-sunday) Many different tastes and aromes! You will probably not touch the standard-mix-apple vine anymore once you tried this
  • walk south through Bad Soden to the S-Bahn Station. Bad Soden was quite famous some 100 years ago when the German royals choose to come here to the hotsprings, but most of the high class hotels and bathhouses got bombed in the war and later there were no more royals, so not too much is left of the glorious days.
    Your way leads through „Alter Kurpark“ whith its old „Badehaus“ then on to the
  • Hundertwasserhaus (by famous austrian architekt Hundertwasser) facing Bad Sodens „Quellenpark“ – mineral springs again. From here back to the east side and further down Königsteiner Strasse to the S-Bahn Station.
  • Time to get back home! S3 back to Frankfurt, runs every hour at 20 + 50 minutes, takes 26 minutes.

If you come across another spot worth visiting in Bad Sonden, let us know, we are happy to recommend!