FAQs and Terms and Conditions

Are you staying at one of the 5 Elements Hostel locations? Or at least thinking of staying with us? Then we encourage you to take a minute to read our FAQs, as well as some Terms & Conditions. These exist to make it a safe, happy, and welcoming place for guests.

Q. Is this where I can find out everything I could ever want to know about Five Elements Hostels?

A. Yes, indeed!

Q. What is a hostel?

A. A hostel provides budget and sociable accommodation. Guests can choose from a bunk in a shared dorm room, a private room, and sometimes even an entire flat. Bathroom facilities are often shared, but this isn’t always the case. Hostels typically have shared kitchen facilities, an in-house bar, and common areas.

Q. Are dorms mixed?

A. Yes. But we also offer an an 8 bed female-only dorm in the event this is something you prefer. Check out our rooms section on our homepage for more info.

Q. Are the bathrooms mixed or single sex?

A. Yes. However, we do have some designated on each floor if this is something you prefer.

Q. Do you have Single, Twin, or Double Rooms?

A. Yes, we have private rooms with a private ensuite and shared facilities.

Q. Is breakfast included in the room price?

A. No. Our aim is to provide a really good breakfast, and unfortunately this is not possible for free. We offer fresh bread rolls from Brick Lane, toast, jams & vegan spreads, cheeses, meat cuts from the local butcher, cereals, fruit juice, milk, tea and coffee. It’s really quite the spread! Breakfast is served daily from 7:30am until 12pm.

Q.Is there a curfew?

A. There is no curfew. You are able to come and go at any time.

Q. Can I have visitors while I’m a guest at Five Elements Hostels?

A. For security and safety reasons, we do not allow them to come inside the hostel. But you are always welcome to meet new friends at our bar! By the way, we offer a great Happy Hour from 6-8pm, daily!

Q. Is there an age limit for guests?

Five Elements Hostels accept guests of all ages. However, if you’re under the age of 18, we require written permission or accompaniment by an adult.

FAQs and Terms and Conditions

Still wondering about some things we may have missed in our FAQs ? We’re here to help you!

For Frankfurt, please write us at welcome@5elementshostel.de. Alternatively, you can reach out on Facebook or Instagram!

And for Leipzig, please write us at